Health Seal's innovative and revolutionary web-product via SaaS (Software as a Service) model enables people with common addictions to overcome these vices and become healthier, through applying a wide range of self-behavior changes. The service will take care of most common addictions such as: food, smoking, internet, work, sex, shopping, TV etc.

Addictions of various types have been identified as a source of a wide range of health problems. Addictions have been linked to various chronic disorders.

The centerpiece of Health Seal’s innovative and revolutionary approach to health and wellness is a web-product via a SaaS (Software as a Service) model that enables people with, or at risk of developing, chronic illnesses to become healthier by overcoming harmful behaviors and common addictions that are at the root of their poor health. Our program will provide personalized support to millions of people.

The program works by encouraging a wide range of sustainable behavioral self-changes through a series of personalized questionnaires empowered by machine learning. Our SaaS will help people address unhealthy relationships with food, smoking, internet, work, sex, shopping, TV etc. A successful POC has proven the benefit and utility of our program.

Since this program addresses the root cause of the chronic illness epidemic it resolves many of HMO's, practitioner, and employer issues brought about by this crisis.

Health Seal's unique product will includes:

Modelling Research - Modelling the patterns of human excellence in shattering the illness/addiction track through behavior modification.

Method - Implementation of the modelling results through questionnaires encompassing a variety of disciplines, and developed utilizing risk assessment tools, coaching methods, online statistic Information and 5,000 personalized questionnaires.

Unique user experience - Artificial intelligence, sensors, existing applications, voice recognition, new proprietary technologies.

System - New algorithm, automation of questionnaires, analyzed information, online risk assessment, machine learning.

Unique User Community - Special forum for users to engage with other users, get relevant information, and gain important support.

The Team

The management of the Company is carried out by a very experienced executive leadership team.
The team has a deep understanding of its operational areas: behavioral sciences, medicine, technology, insurance, finance, and marketing.

The leaders are:

Erez Dayan

CEO and Founder

30 years' experience building and managing insurance companies, developing insurance products, and designing automated questionnaire systems; Certified Life Underwriter.

Prof. Tamar Rosenbaum

Advisory Board

Her research and practice focus on positive psychology & cognitive behavioral approach. Received international recognition through her many articles, chapters and books on cognitive therapy.

Prof. Avraham Karasik


Over 25 year's clinical experience in Endocrinology; Medical Research. International figure in medicine/pharma/academic world.

Dr. Tomer Sivron

Advisory Board

Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D. degrees in Neuro-science. Dr. Sivron is combining all the knowledge and tools he accumulated, to help others heal themselves, both bodily and mentally.

Zohar Lir


An expert in sales & marketing strategy for startup companies.