Our customers are companies that will increase their revenues when people become healthier. The customers will pay Health Seal for providing its services to the clients’ customers. Collaboration with , insurance agents, employers, HMO’s and companies that deal with health related services.

Our success is hearing your customers say: “I never knew I could feel this good again”:

Ensuring health – good for you, good for your clients, good for business, good for the world.

Reversing - Reversing the trend of chronic disease and rising insurance costs.

Individualized health - Individualized health improvement for millions.

The benefits to companies:

Better risk management

Healthy and happy customers

Better business and financial results

Differentiation & Image improvement

Game changer, Increasing market share

Dreaming about a life without addiction? Make it real. Rather than alleviating symptoms, Health Seal’s program attacks the root cause of addiction based disease.